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Monday, January 9, 2012

First Warmachine Model Painted

I have been looking around at War Machine since I got back into gaming in the early months of 2011. Almost 1 year has passed since then I have finally jumped into the gaming system of War Machine. What attracted me to it since the beginning was the factors' War Jacks. They are hugh metal monsters which are ready to smack each other to pieces. The fact that it costs much less than other table top games also adds to its attractive.

I have chose the "Good Guy" every time I restarted or started a game. With Warhammer 40k, I chose the "Space Wolves". With Infinity, I chose "Ariadna" even though they aren't the so called "Marshall of Space" they are not bad. So I wanted to break the trend. Since I have already decided to go with Dark Eldar as my main 40k army of choice, I decided to go with the destroyers of the realm, The Cryx.

These guys are a factor that I have been looking at for a year. Yes, the Cryx to me are awesome looking and should be fun to play. I like anything that has the annoyance factor since back in the day where I played Magic the Gathering!! I just like to be annoying and laugh at things more than actually winning or owning a game. What is the point of a game if you do not have fun playing it? Wouldn't that be just WORK!

So here he is, General Gerlak Slaughterborn! I spent a good 6 hours on him. I wanted to try blending and decided to go for it when painting him. I am having second thoughts rather I should continue blending though. It takes so much time to finish just a piece of the model and I have another 6 Blood Gorgers to paint.

General Gerlak Slaughterborn

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Click the thumbnails below for a larger version of the photos:

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As you can see, I decided to go against the examples and what most people paint them as and went with green as his skin color. I never liked the blueish skin that privateer press uses and I do like to have a unique army whenever I can!. For me, he looks splendid. Sure, he won't win any golden demons but as long as he looks cool and more importantly he looks cool to me, he is worth any award in my book!.

Please comment to give me advise on how to improve him though. The final highlight for his armor is still missing but I am not sure what to use. I have tried silver but it is too bright and stands out like hell. I may try boltgun or even boltgun mixed with gold.