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About me

Welcome to the about me section of my blog.

Yes, this is me.
It has been a dream of mine to be able to help people in what they love to do. When I decided to get back into table top gaming, or Warhammer 40k, I wanted to contribute more to the community. It started as just posting random vlogs and army updates on various websites but it eventually turned into an one man studio.

The real beginning for Lazy Pug was not so long ago. I was making random unboxing and product review videos to post onto Youtube when I heard of Game's Workshop launch of finecast and all of its negative comments from vloggers, bloggers, and all of the community. This is where I found Miniwargaming Matt's letter to GW plead on the price increase but quality decrease in their models. I started uploading my material onto their website as well as Youtube. 

One of my videos, -Thinning down paint and You - The Guide - , was chosen to be Dave's pick for September's Subscriber appreciation of the Month. I won a total of $25 Canadian from them and it launch my studio into the spotlight.

From then on, I have been promoting my videos on various sites and have been uploading a constant stream of them where the topic of each video range from unboxing to guides.

Places where you can follow my work

1. Youtube @ Lazy Pug Production 

2. Facebook @ Official Lazy Pug Facebook Page 

3. Miniwargaming @ Official Miniwargaming Lazy Pug Channel

4. Google+ @ Official Google+ Lazy Pug Channel