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Welcome to the conversions section of my blog. 

Here will hold all of my conversions of various models which will be categorized by name and army. Please feel free to browse through all of them and leave comments on how to improve, what you liked or disliked, or any specific requests.


Reaper Angel (Dark Angels)

1. Bilial, Master of the Deathwing

2. Deathwing Terminators in Robes

3. Dark Angel Apothecary

4. Ravenwing Land Speeder

Projects in the pipe line (not in any particular order)

1. Dark Angel Librarian in Terminator Armor

2. 40mm rocky bases

3. Biker base

4. Flyer base

5. Ravenwing bikers 

6. Dark angel Dreadnoughts

7. Dark angel Predator, Vindicator

 - More will be updated as I finished them -