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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Projects, the word to some is seriously annoying while to others a thing they can not live with out. For us wargamers, the term proves to be your goals that we, mostly, never get done to be honest. Laugh all we want. We are at the boarder line of describing ourselves as hoarders. We start our original project as our first army and we branch out to other armies as well as games. For me I went from Warhammer40k to Fantasy to Infinity to Warmachine then Hordes and may even invest in some other game systems in the future as well. On top of those projects, I have my blog, facebook, and youtube account to maximize my projects' exposure to the world.

What I am trying to say I have too much on my plate. A reorganization needs to be done to the number of projects I have to get any of them checked off my to do list. Having said that though, I am not going to do it just yet. I am going to do the opposite and add more to my plate. Crazy as it may seem, I am still looking for a job and my injury has pushed that out even further. I have been sitting in my room, in front of my screen for all day long nearly 24/7. Yes, I have no social life. Yes, I am kind of a recluse. Yes, many can say my life is pathetic. In the end though, I don't really care as things take time to happen, even if you are not aiming to change.

Let me get to my point here, what I have realize is I am not a painter. My skills are normal at best so I am not going to pretend I am a master and post tutorials of how to do this and that. I will leave that to other bloggers and youtubers. The thing I am good at is doing research and "remembering useless information as well as absorbing new information", said my mom once. I want to show more of that in my videos and blog posts. Therefore the projects I am going to be adding, mainly on my youtube account, are:

1. Name TBA
- A show about how to save money on the hobby
2. Name TBA
- A show about how the play games, like tactica videos about general things not specific armies
3. Miniature 101
- Continuing to add tips and tricks about tools and how you can get similar tools for cheap

At least I have a plan now.

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