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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Large? No problem!

 IF you want a video of this, please go here:

Getting into Malifaux has brought new first world problems. One of them was finding a way to protect their stat cards since they should be marked once damage is dealt similar to how we do it in Warmachine and Hordes.

The main issue is their size. They are smaller than your typical playing card when folded so using a typical magic the gather sleeves protector will not work. However, they are must larger when spread opened. From research, most people will laminate their cards and that is the ideal solution since it is permanent and will make your cards almost indestructible.

For the more unfortunate who have no idea where to find this service, find it to pricey, or does not own their own laminating machine, here is a quick and simple solution.   

Mayday games game sleeves are perfect for your stat cards because of the obvious, Malifaux's stat cards are 80x120mm, 8x12cm in dimension. Now look at the picture above and put 1 and 1 together. It is a simple solution to this problem. I bought these on e-bay but you can easily find them on Mayday's website, Amazon, or even at your local stores. For the price I paid, I got 100 card sleeves so one pack of these and you are set for life in Malifaux but if you managed to obtain over 100 Malifaux models, then good for you. 

The only weakness to this plan is the cards actually do not fit perfectly because of the fold in the card. The amount is shown in the picture above and to be honest, you may not even see it because it is less than 1 mm sticking out of the sleeves. If you want you can trim down your card by a bit to make it fit but if you left it that way, it is entirely fine. 

These sleeves are a very good alternative to laminating your cards. They are as durable and will take a dry erase marker with ease. If you are getting into Malifaux and don't have the option to laminating your cards, then I highly recommend these sleeves.

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