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Monday, March 25, 2013

Perdita Crew Showcase

After several weeks of painting and not painting, I finally managed to push myself to finish the Ortega crew from Malifaux.

Painting these miniatures was a breath of fresh air because I was getting sick and tired forcing myself to paint my Fenblades. What I hate the most about this hobby is batch painting, or painting a lot of miniatures with the same color scheme, position, and etc. It gets really boring and tiresome to paint five plus miniatures in one sitting, even if it is just base coating it. What I found worked best for me is focusing on just one miniature at a time. I guess that is why I enjoyed painting these miniatures. They are small so they do not require a lot of time to finish. They are different so they provide a distraction from what I am doing. They are cool because if you do not find cowboys and cowgirls cool, there is obvious something wrong.

Painting Perdita was the most enjoyable because she was a platform for me to try something different and a new technique. Even though my blending and feathering is not up to the standards I want them to be it is a good start.

Papa Loco was the next one I enjoyed. I learned from the stories of Malifaux that he was actually a powerful leader of the Ortega clan but went insane because of old age. I pictured him in prison clothes and carrying dynamite around to explode himself with everyone with him.

Painting the rest of the crew proved to be a hurdle for me because they are similar in paint scheme. Sure I could have painted all of them differently but the majority of them was their long, leather, coats. and ragged jeans. Batch painting is the doom of me since it took me 2 weeks to just finish the details and to be honest, they were rushed just to get them in my protective case for storage.

What I probably will do is to make their bases better because I rushed paining their rims and a lot of paint got on to the wooden details which I am not a bit bothered by but it just looks a tad messy.

If you do not like watching videos, you can also visit my photo album link on top of the page for more pictures of this crew and other miniatures I have completed.

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