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Monday, December 12, 2011

The choice.....

As you all may know, I have decided to move to the states and will be turning my back on the Emperor by passing on my space wolves. I am not going to quit wargamming (hell no) but I will be slowly collecting one army and I am planning to update my process here, on facedice, my youtube, and my blog.

However, I have always thought I would go back to my days as a member of Tau. They were the first army I seriously collected and painted. Even though I never got the chance to play a real game with them, they were very close to me until a misunderstanding that resulted in my tau seeing plastic bags and the lid of several trashcans  So now is the perfect opportunity for me to get back into the Tau. BUT they are running on a pretty outdated codex. I have been reading my way through and even create a list and my own play style for them yet the lack of anti heavy and their crazy point costs/model is just so WTF!! Making matter worsts, their new codex is rumored to be coming out next year. However, I am not going to wait for 6 freaking months to start collect an army. Unless their codex will be released in March, they are looking less and less viable to start collect. Just look at the necrons, the whole freaky book changed and old school necron players had to buy more units even if they had 4,000 points already!

So, while I was playing with my wolves, I had an idea that I would like to collect another army that didn't materialized. I was very interested in the dark elder just because they were annoying. Yes, fast units that has poison shots and close combat weapons with lance type long range support is categorized as annoying. Thinking about it, facing off with Boss AKA Bloodwing's IG, those lances and 24 turbo boost range would have come in handy. To be honest, I do have a grudge against the imperial guard. I don't understand how a tank that fires 5 plasma cannon per turn costs less than 3 Broadsides or a Land raider. So the Dark Elder will be a good option to succeed of my fallen wolf brothers! Plus they have weird or unique units like my wolves. SW had Thunder Wolves. DE has their clowns .

When it comes down to it though, I really need to choose only one. Collecting 2 at the same time is a viable option for sure BUT my girlfriend will probably kick me out if I did so . So help me choose my new army!

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