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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dark Eldar Theme Finalized

I have been pondering what colors I should use for my new Dark Eldar army and have been going back and forth from 3 options.
1. Red with Black
2. Blue with White
3. Black with Grey

After a while and some testing, I decided to go with my original army theme color which is option 1, red with black. Basically, I have always been attached to the colors Red and Black since I started 40k back in early 2000s when Tau were new and exciting. By using simple painting techniques I picked up then, I was able to paint a sample model. It is not 100% complete yet with minor details and parts still need painting however, the overall armor color is a go for me! 

Here is the test model I painted

I know it may not be the most unique or bind blowing theme for a dark eldar or any army in 40k nowadays. Plus I do know there are better ways then simply dry brushing the first layer of red and edge highlighting for the final layer! The question is this, do you want to blend 50+ models of troop choices!!!!? I say a big fat no. This effect is what I was going for in the first place. What i may do is to add additional shading in the recesses along the armor plates to create more of a contrast between them. We will see..

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