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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tournament Aftermatch and the future

So I finished 5th in a 10 man tournament with the result of 2 wins and 1 loss. The reason I was not further up the board was that loss was so epic, so brutal, I only had one thunder wolf remaining on the board while he has 90% of his army intact. This is why you should never underestimate a 2,000 Point tournament when Imperial Guard role in with their tanks. Is it actually true that one tank that cost less than 150 points can dish out 5 Plasma Cannon plates per turn!?

So after the tournament I put my Space Wolves up for sale. Since I am moving to American in 2 months time, I don't see me being able to bring them along. The best thing for me right now is to simply sell everything and if you are living in Thailand, here is the link: Army Deal

After I move to the states, I am planning to start collect Tau. The reason behind this is simple. They were the first army I ever collected before my grandmother thought they were trash and threw them away when I went to Australia. Yes, that did really happen. Also, I am hearing some good rumors about them so far. The fact still reminds I won't be able to win a lot of matches with them until they get a hugh buff or at least a new codex to counter the likes of Mech armies. I was browsing through their current codex yesterday and found a lot of interesting things and rather shocking things at the same time.

So, this blog will be idle for a while just like my youtube page. I will still be contributing to the forums on miniwargaming and ficedicerolling though.

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