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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dark Eldar WIP Update

After the tournament here in Thailand, I sold my space wolves army to one of the guys I was up against. If you read my "The Choice" article, you will know that I did this because I am moving to LA in February. Before I got there, I wanted to decide on an army to play between the Tau and Dark Eldar, which I decided to do both but I will wait until the new codex of the Tau is released, I always wanted to play drunken space dwarfs.

This is an update on my WIP Dark Eldar. So far I only have a unit of Kabalite Warriors, Incubi, Haemonculus, Raider, and Razorwing. It is a small and slow collection because I need to wait until I move to get more.

My Haemonculi WIP
WIP Haemonculus
I have redone his Lab Coat already since this is a relatively old picture I took several weeks ago. I have not gotten the skin tone my army down yet and have been using his guy as my lab mouse to decide which scheme is better suited. So far there has only been failed experiments but I shall continue!
The skin tones that I have tried so far are:
1. Pure Skull white > wash with orgyn fresh > wash with thraka green
2. Bleach Bone > wash with watered down blue

Magnetized Heavy Weapon Choice

Magnetized Heavy Weapon
Dark Lance
Splinter Cannon

For me, I like to have as many options from a box as possible. In the Kabalite Warrior boxes, you will get at least 2 heavy weapon option which are a Dark Lance and a Splinter Cannon. I decided to magnetized them with magnets I got a long time ago when I was magnetizing my Wolf Guard terminators. The magnetizing was done using two 2mm magnets drilled in to the model's arm sockets. The weapon arms are too small to hold any decent size magnet so I simply cut out a piece of metal from a lid of a cookie box and super glued it in place for a quick and easy magnetizing job. The outcome is pretty good.

Incubi WIP

Incubi I
Incubi II

 My intention for these guys was to give them more love than my warriors because they are just cooler in terms of how they look. Yes, I did give them the same dry brush then edge high lighting treatment instead of blending the colors together. This is because I am not going to spend hours on hours blending the armor. I am not that skilled yet and plus, I did not have any delayer or whatever you call it around. So wet blending was out of the question. I may try to feather in the future though. I like how it looks on Tyranids' armor plates and may try it on my Talos when I get one.

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