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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making of Bilial Part 1

I went through the codex and checked several websties about Dark Angel list making and who to choose as a HQ. After reading, I decided to go with Bilial. You are probably saying "No S*%T Sherlock!" and I don't blame you. He is probably the most over used HQ choice, period! Yet, because of the limitation of an old book, he is probably the only viable choice. Well, the biker dude is pretty cool and useful but I don't have the cash or the mind set to tackle a large fine cast model and when I do, I will be certain to take as many pictures and videos of what poor quality, or good, I receive.

Enough talking for now, here are some pictures for "The Making of Bilial" Blog

Firstly, I had to gather the pieces. Now these are not all of what I am planning to use. I still have some parts in the mail, when it will get here, I have no idea.The parts I gathered so far are basic parts from your normal Terminator Assault box. I got a Thunder Hammer, shield arm, legs, torso, and head. I decided not to use a helmet since in the Codex picture, Bilial isn't wearing one and I decided to use a bald head because, again, in the picture he doesn't have hair but I might add some though. It depends on how adventurous I want to be since the last time I attempted to sculpt hair did not end so well.

Secondly, I adjusted the legs by doing some repositioning by pining as well adding some cork to the base. Pretty standard stuff so far and I am pleased with the results.
I decided to pose him this way because I wanted him to look like he is charging over some rocks with his shield in a "Get the F**K out of the way" position and his hammer ready to bash some alien or heretic scum.

Thirdly, after getting the pose I wanted, I started with the repositioning of the legs. I sawed the leg into four main pieces and re assembled them using the pinning technique. You can find how to do this in plenty of places, but you can go here, Various Tutorials.
The conversion was basic but it did take a lot of planning and cutting. So if you want to try something like this, make sure you have the proper tools and protection. It isn't worth it to lose a finger!

Fourthly, after the glue dried and all of the pins were secured in to place, as well as there was not movement in the pieces, I added some green stuff on to the model.
This was probably the hardest part so far since I never sculpted whole terminator legs or feet before and the results, well, are not as I planned. However, I do have plenty of ideas on how to fix it. For now, I needed the frame to be secure so the level of quality will do for now. 

Lastly, I wanted to add some character into the model so he really stood out from other marines and can fully call himself "Master of the Deathwing".
So naturally, I added some robes/cloak/cape thing on his chest. This will continue to his back as well but not blocking the vents in his armor. Also, I am going to add more robes hanging from his belt and add robes along his body. Maybe I will use this to block the hideous leg I sculpted. I am not sure yet.
To conclude the look, I am planning to add a cape by using inspiration from The Fortress of Unforgiven. I stumbled upon this site late one night and was immediately impressed with the numbers of Dark Angel related articles and tutorials they had. It is a shame that this web site has not been updated or touched by the moderators or owners since 2007. So most of the models on their site are mostly old school, which for some is a treat but not for me really. I prefer the newer sculpts from Games-Workshop. The old ones just look weird!
Final thoughts, I really recommend anyone to get some professional or proper wax carvers. I have been sculpting for over two years and just recently invested in some proper tools. They make a lot of different in terms of ease of execution in what you have in mind as well as putty manipulation.

What do you guys think of him so far?

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