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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My new web series

It has been some time that I decided on making a video series for beginners. When I first started the hobby, I had zero insight into what I needed or where I could get it. Even though there is vast amount of data on about particularly everything you may want to know on the internet, just the amount of time needed to find one decent article or one particular topic is depressing. This video series is made because of this very reason. I wanted to create a place where summarized information can be found.

The series will be sort of like a review as well as unboxing of tools and equipment in the world of table top gaming. The tools will range from expert level usage to basic day-to-day usage.

I am sure the information presented in this series will be helpful for both new and old of the hobby.
Here is the first episode of the series. Any feedback will be very helpful on how to make this series better. So please leave a comment on the video or here.

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