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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Life in the USA

Greeting to the people who still look through my blog, it has been a long while since I updated it. The move to the states was smooth but the times are getting tough. My real life obligations have altered the way of my war gaming life style to the point where I have no time to do so.

I have not given up! I shall prevail with my armies intact!!


I have been thinking more about my dark eldar. Yes, they have a relatively new codex when compared to others and they are a good looking, fun to play army. However, the concept of "Glass Cannon" does not really suit my style. I like something that is tough as hell and will bring anything down. The concept of walking slowly across the battle field, getting shot at by everything, and still can laugh about it is really my way of doing things. Sadly, the move tied my hands in the sale of my space wolves and I do not want to travel down memory lane by purchasing them again for the second time.

I have been reading the Dark Angel Codex and studying their ways. I don't quite get what makes them unique. The concept of building a Deathwing or Ravenwing army does not convinced me of how unique they are. Their rules are sort of strange where most units are fearless but that's it. Too bad because I was seriously thinking of getting into the dark angels and turning my head back to the Imperium. However, since the hints and rumors coming from various blogs, sites, and etc the Dark Angels will be getting their update ahead of the Tau. Insert sad and angry face here.

It will all come down to they new rules update and what their models look like. If GW do update every aspect of the Dark Angels like they did with the Dark Eldars, surely we can be expecting some kick ass looking miniatures (even though they will surely be in fine (fail) cast). I am pretty excited about what the new models may look like or how the codex will be updated.

For now, the Dark Angels seem to be a classic army filled with character but only in print. On the gaming board, they are just another marine army with the option of going full terminator armor or bikes. Nothing special in my eyes.

Hopefully they will be updated, and again unique!

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