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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The boys are up and running

Today I came to my peace with the fact I will not be making all of my Deathwing individually unique in terms of poses and equipment. There was too much work involved in them and I did not want to do all of it. Plus, I need to start thinking about how to paint these guys and GW changing their line does not help with that. Anyways, I started working on the boxes I had since a month and a half ago. Basic cutting here and there, gluing this and that together, filing a bit where needed and I got myself two squads of Deathwing ready to be painted. At first I was really reluctant to put on the shields since it will be blocking 80% of the model from direct or at a good angle from a brush. In the end, I gave in to my inner self of laziness and just slapped them on. I painted them like this before and I believe 90% of people paint them like this, so who cares at this point!

However, I am looking to switch permanently to Vallerjo since I already ordered an airbrush and its whole nine yards. I am not sure how the new paints from GW will react to an airbrush. I will let someone with time and money to burn do that review. I am looking forward to getting my order since it is the biggest package I will be receiving since I have been here, both in terms of size and price (minus my computer of course) Also, if you ever had or planned to buy an airbrush you will know that Vallerjo has one of the best paint lines to use directly with it. They have hundreds upon hundreds of paint pots to choose from as well as any additional "technical" pots you may need such as retarders and thinners. So I may be looking to getting my hands on some when the life of my current GW pots die out.

Last thing for today, I tried to work out Bilial's cape and failed miserably. Luckily $10 of greenstuff will last you a life time and screw ups are normal for beginner sculptors. Yet, I wanted to show what he looks like so far, but I did not see a point of creating a separate Bilial blog entry.

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