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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dark Angel Apothecary

Image for Dakka Dakka
When I read the codex, I instantly knew I had to have one apothecary in Terminator armor. The down fall to this is the fact there is only known apothecary set for terminators and it is in the Grey Knight box. I did not want to order 50$ worth of stuff and had to convert all 5 armor, since the grey knights are unique in their markings. After doing some research on line, I figured out how the "whatever a apothecary carries" looks like, I set out to make it or make something that looked similar.

To the left is an one of the images of people's conversions, I decided to do something similar to this. The weapon, in my point of view, is a needle type mechanism connected to a life source juice. The apothecary will inject this juice into dying or wounded brothers which will repair what has been damaged.

Having said that, this is "the thing the apothecary carries" that I built from bits and pieces I had lying around. I will be posting a "how to" guide of how I made this. It was fairly simple and the bits I used everyone should have.

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