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Monday, April 9, 2012

Making of Bilial Part 3

I wanted to change the look on his cape so I started out from the beginning by redoing the structure. The main reason why I wanted to change it is because the original structure made the cape look unnatural. The strange shape just stabbed out whenever I look at him and that is not good in terms of painting it. To make a good paint or even just a decent one, the sculpt has to at least be decent. By adding another rod to the structure, it gave me the look I was going for, 4 folds in the cape. Plus, I bended the outer rods to make the cape look more wavy and more natural and I wanted the cape to look more like a "Batman" sort of cape where the end is wider than the beginning. Personally, I find it cool to look at. The hardest part was creating a bent structure that was even in length. Even though I did not get it perfectly equal, it will look just fine or at least, that is how I picture it in my head.


After rolling up some green stuff to make it as thin as possible while maintaining its strength and adhesiveness, I managed to complete it. I still need to sculpt in some final details where the cape meets his body and at the end of the cape but over all, I think it went every well and came out just the way I wanted it to.

The only bad thing that came out of this was I will need to repose him. The cape span and his shoulder pad can not meet since I do not want that to happen. Instead of a charging position, I decided to go for sort of like a "Bring it on" type of pose. This will be achieved by posing both of his arms in an opened position. They will bend back towards the back. He will look something like the picture.

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