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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Land Speeders Typhoon

After having these guys lying in the bottom of my to-do pile, I decided to use them for my airbrush practice. Don't get me wrong, they are still going to be a part of my army but I personally consider tanks or tanks equivalent are less punishing to the eyes when mistakes do happen. So, naturally, they will be the best place to start as practice goes.

First off, after under coating, I played around with some pre-shading. At first, I thought it wouldn't be so hard and laugh about it. Seriously though, how hard can spraying black lines in areas you deem to have a shadow be? I learned that it is pretty hard if you don't fully understand what an airbrush can do or how to achieve a certain look, IE. hair line lines. 

First trial went as above. To be honest, this is actually the third one I tried doing this on and it is the best looking one, in terms of realistic shadow placement and over spray. My main problem, at first, was I did not release enough paint. I didn't know there was an option on the airbrush I got to control the amount of paint by turning its tail piece. Lesson number one learned, always spray on to something else like paper when you are learning how to airbrush.

Step two, base coating. Now I regret not buying more Dark Angel Green when I had the chance. I thought I had enough, plenty actually with a pot left but it turned out I had only a quarter, not even that!, left in the pot. Damn, I will have to find alternatives soon, IE Vallerjo Game Color? *wink**wink*

This is what I got so far. It has been a slow process since I had to learn everything step by step with no instruction and just trail and error sort of practice going on. Well, to me they came out alright.

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