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Friday, April 6, 2012

Making of Bilial Part 2

I just got back from Boston yesterday. So I may not have a lot of updates for this entry. Before I left I managed to string a couple of pieces of wire together intended to be the frame for this cape. I may change the design a bit this week though since three folds in a cape sounds wrong for some reason. Again the technique I am using for building the cape is from The Fortress of the Unforgiven. I can't emphasize more of how helpful their tutorials are.

Before making the cape frame, I wanted to add some more detail to his back area. Since I already sculpted on cloth/robes to his chest region, I wanted it to continue to the back.

I was not as worried about the level of details here since the majority of it will be cover or block from sight from the cape I will be putting on him. Therefore, as you can see, the robes on his back are like they are. Well, at least I did manage to make them look convincing enough in my point of view. Again on The Fortress of the Unforgiven site, you can find numerous tricks and tips on creating robes or just search the popular forums for them. There are plenty on the net.

After I got back, I found that one of my packages has arrived. This order was made from Scibor which is one of the best makers of custom resin pieces and models on the net today. I wanted to add some originality to my Dark Angel chapter with some easy conversions, piece swaps. Here are what I order and how it looks on my Bilial model. (pictures of the actual pieces on bilial will be updated later)

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