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Monday, April 9, 2012

The robes of horror (to my mind)

After I gotten myself together and focused on the tasks I had scheduled up in my head, I finally came around to do some green stuff work on my Terminators. The process begun with me researching over the net for various tutorials and I did find many helpful tips and tricks but in the end, I went in with my own "image" of how robes were sculpted. The results are the picture to the right. Yes, they look strange and totally not like robes. Having seen what horror I have made upon my terminators, I knew these robes will never work and if I stick with them, the painting will be equally as horrific. During the waiting period, I went back to the drawing board and back to my vault of tutorials. I decided I will make my robes simple, not the complexed ones I sort out to do.

This is what I got. Yes, they still don't really look like robes but more like flax jackets. Well, maybe they do look like robes but my high expectation of my skills just make anything I do look bad. Working with green stuff is hard and is the part of the hobby where I both love and hate. The fact that I have gotten this far in terms of scuplting skills has already impressed me. I am normally more of a quitter if things get too hard. Anyways, this is what I got so far. Maybe by adding some rope for belts and some loin cloths will make these terminators look more robes than jackets.

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